MAXIMA School of Makeup Artistry
Maxima Makeup Artistry, Post-secondary School of Makeup is located in Historic Old Town Scottsdale.

We are the only school in Arizona that offers programs exclusively to train professional makeup artists for careers in Television, Film, Print, Theater , Fashion & Airbrush tecniques.

Our emphasis is concentrated on professional training and career development.

We understand the importance of educating talented and professional makeup artists to stimulate the growth of the entertainment industry in Arizona.

Maxima Makeup Artistry's intensive training programs give you the edge needed to succeed in one of the many different careers within the entertainment industry. Our small classes allow you personal attention in a friendly environment!
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Maxima Makeup Artistry
4210 N Brown Ave. Suite D
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 - 3997
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Maxima Makeup Artistry has been in business in the Scottsdale – Phoenix – Tempe  Arizona area for 6 years. Maxima is located in Old Town Scottsdale at 4210 N Brown Ave.

Maxima’s goal as a certified post secondary institution is to provide students with the skills necessary to work in the entertainment industries doing film, video, theatrical and still photographic makeup. Through a program that concentrates on skill and career development Maxima guides their students to success in the growing local entertainment industries.

Short intensive makeup workshops directed at models, actors and photographers will enable the students to learn the basics of applying makeup for stage, screen and photography

Full programs are designed for students wishing to become full time certified makeup artists. These programs teach everything from the fundamentals of theatrical and film makeup to the more highly specialized skills of airbrush and special effects make-up.

Maxima Makeup Artistry offers complete professional makeup kits and supplies for makeup artists. These are all high quality professional level cosmetics and application tools.

Professional certified makeup artists are available for booking for a wide variety of productions and events.

Film, Video, Theatrical, Commercials, Still Photo, Print, TV and modeling events are some of the types of productions in which our make up artists specialize.

Makeup for bridal and wedding parties is available from our professional certified makeup artists. Cosmetic glamour makeovers will make you look positively beautiful for special events.

Maxima Makeup Artistry
4210 N Brown Ave. Suite D
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 - 3997
Phone 480-429-3784
Fax 480-429-3884